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Sewing and repairs

We can resize wig caps up to 3cm bigger or smaller on chiefessays.net each side. We can also custom make cap sizes.

All our wigs come with a standard amount of baby hairs already sewn at the front. We can add extra baby hair to create a natural higher front, additional fee may apply.

Wigs tend to bald in patches after a few years, and we can extend the wig life by adding hair.

There are different options to wear a wig, the standard cap comes with clips (for people with hair underneath), but for an additional fee we can replace the clips to a non-slip silicone or velvet.

Hairdressing services

It is very important to have the wig cut by a professional hairdresser who has experience with wigs. It requires a different technique to normal haircut and that is why we recommend using a professional hairdresser. We provide a professional wig haircut for additional charge.

Every wig that is made of virgin non-processed human hair can be dyed and coloured to add some style if wanted. Our salon provides all hairdressing services.

Some wigs tend to dry out and lose their shine after a few years. We provide statement great gatsby a specialised keraslik treatment to extend the life of the wig.

We highly recommend using a professional hairdresser who is experienced with wigs to wash and style your wig to prevent the hair and cap from any damages.