Toupee/Hair system

Toupee/hair system is a non-surgical solution to help you walk out of our salon with full head of hair.

A toupee/hair system offers a natural and seamless solution to balding or thinning hair.  A toupee is a lightweight and comfortable hair system made of human hair to fit your individual needs and style. It comes in different sizes, shapes, lengths and colors. Each Toupee/hair system is hand crafted by our professional wig knotters.

The Toupee/Hair systems comes uncut and styled, you will need a professional hairdresser to attach it to your scalp and blend it with your natural hair, we recommend growing your own hair as long as possible for the best result.

The system is secured to your scalp with a special adhesive, which lasts up to 4 weeks. Then you will have to reattach it using a double-sided tape or a liquid glue, most clients can reattach it at home by themselves.

Please ask our professional for tips and guidance with removing and reattaching the unit.