We use only the highest quality of human hair, we use Brazilian, European and Russian hair. All our wigs made of 100% virgin non-processed hair.

Every human hair might have some fizziness or puffiness. Please use with a good shampoo and conditioner/hair mask. After you wash the wig we recommend towelling dry and then apply a few drops of good silicone product to settle the hair. We do however recommend having it washed and styled by a professional wig stylist.

Yes, you can, all our monofilament wigs are multidirectional, meaning you can part them anywhere you would like.

All our wigs come with standard amount of baby hairs sewn at the front, please use a teasing brush to play with the baby hairs to achieve a soft and natural look. We do offer the service of adding additional baby hairs. Please feel free to discuss this with us.

Synthetic wigs will last 3-7 months, we recommend washing synthetic wigs only with cold water and only using a conditioner, please avoid using shampoo.

Lace human hair will last 6-12 months, monofilament cap wigs will last 3-5 years with a good care. Please note that we recommend using a professional hairdresser with experience with wigs for the wigs to last longer.

All our monofilament caps wigs are Kosher wigs, they all come with kosher certificate.

Brazilian virgin hair exists only in dark colours. Therefore, if a Brazilian wig is blonde or a lighter colour, it means it has been processed to achieve the lighter colour. European and Russian hair comes in a variety of colours. Virgin blonde colours can only be found in Russian hair. Brazilian hair is also a little bit coarser than Russian, which is known to have softer and finer hair. Russian hair is the highest quality hair in the world.