R&Z Wigs Australia is a leading Australian wig company based in Melbourne. 
Furthermore, we offer free video consultations throughout Australia and the world. 
We stock a wide variety of Wigs for men and women in various styles and qualities including Russian, European & Brazilian hair as well a range of synthetic wigs. 
Wigs designed for everyday wear, with top quality hair and the most comfortable and breathable caps. 

There are different types of caps to suit your needs, whether you wear wigs for medical reasons, such as Alopecia, Cancer, or for religious and fashion reasons.
Our wig specialists can guide you through the process of choosing the right cap for your needs.

In addition, we sell toppers, Kippa Falls, Pony & Hat falls, Toupees, hair extensions and other hair pieces and head accessories.


Meet Sarah & Sofy. Two young women breaking the status quo in the competitive wigs / hair topper market. Sarah and Sofy began R&Z Wigs in 2013 in Melbourne and are looking to expand their company to other states and countries .

Sarah, who wears her own wig always felt there was much to be desired when it came to providing a better service to wig clients. “Wigs are expensive and often the customer service is lacking when it comes to buying or needing to service the wig”. “I wanted to create a wig brand that would provide excellent quality with affordable prices and great service, with an understanding that it is a significant investment to purchase a wig and the customer should be happy with their purchase”.

Sofy together with her husband Roey, a hairdresser, have been in the hair industry for many years. “This new venture was really exciting for me and coming with experience in the salon industry I felt I could bring a lot to the table” Sofy proudly explains. “It took us a long time to source excellent quality hair at affordable prices and we are continuously looking to making improvements based on customer feedback.”

Sarah and Sofy run pop up sales around Australia at various times through the year.

We value the ability to have local customer service and can have any issues dealt with by someone in Australia as opposed to having to communicate and liaise with an overseas company. They also cater to the cancer, alopecia and hair loss markets and always treat their clients with sensitivity, empathy and care and want them to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience when it comes to purchasing their wig

Sarah and Sofy invites everyone to explore their range of quality wigs , toppers , toupees and hair accessories and look forward to serving you.

“We value our customers and very much appreciated their business. We will always do our best to make sure they leave feeling good and confident with their purchase”.